Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

It’s time for this Girl on the Move to get moving!  I am a firm believer that strict diets and/or workout plans are not the best way to get in shape or lose weight because you only end up following them for a few weeks.  Instead, I believe it is more effective to adopt a lifestyle where you’re on the move and eating healthy.  So when I saw that Run to the Finish was offering a Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, I signed up right away!

In Amanda’s words, the SBBC is, “7 weeks of tracking “points” for being active and eating clean, while getting non-stop support from other women who are exactly like you. Sometimes they’ll wrap you in a bear hug and other days text you at 5AM to get your a** to the gym. It’s about prizes and habits and finding the fun in healthy living.


I am soooo excited to be taking part in this challenge and I’d love to have you do it too!  So head over HERE to sign up for the challenge!  And let me know if you sign up so that we can cheer each other on along the way!


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