Surf City Fit Club

It has now been almost two years since I moved to Surf City, USA and I still don’t know how to surf! My guess is I’ll probably never learn but I figured if I’m going to live in a city known for it’s surfing, then I should probably at least try some version of surfing!

Enter the Surf City Fit Club.

I recently had the opportunity to attend their SurfFIT class…and it was AMAZING!!! The class uses boards manufactured by SurfSet but is not affiliated with the company. They have developed their own routines with burpees, pop-ups, lunges, squats and more that will challenge you physically!  If you live in the Orange County area, I would recommend checking out Surf City Fit Club and if you don’t live locally you can do a search for SurfSet classes to find something near you. Surf Fit

Not sure why you should try a class? Here are just a few reasons…

*You will work your core! My heart belongs to running and any good runner will tell you about the importance of a strong core. Do a workout while you’re balancing on a surfboard…your core will get a workout!

*It’s a fun way to workout! I don’t believe you should do workouts that are boring because you’re not going to stick with it and fitness shouldn’t be something you dread. It should be something you enjoy so you’ll make sure you make time for it.

*You can vary the workout to accommodate your fitness level. The board comes with straps that increase the stability but as you progress you can remove one of the straps, and then both, to increase the difficulty of the workout.

I loved the surf class I took but I also loved the gym itself! I’ve mentioned this in the past but one of the most common questions I get related to my love of cupcakes is some version of, “How do you eat those cupcakes and not weigh more?!?” My answer quite simply, is moderation. I do splurge and eat cupcakes…but I don’t eat many other sweet treats. I also regularly exercise and eat a pretty healthy diet. Overall, my philosophy towards health has always been moderation, not restriction….and the owners of Surf City Fit Club feel the same way.

This is not a gym where you’ll be shamed for eating a cookie at a holiday party. They are going to encourage your all-around health, physical, mental, and emotional, and don’t believe in restrictive or elimination as a means of “getting healthy.”

So, if you’re in the Orange County, check out Surf City Fit Club!


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