Cupcake Adventures: Sweet Embellishments

My brother recently came to town to visit (a perk of working for an airline is that he gets to fly for free!) and in the past we have always visited one particular cupcake shop.  But now that I am on an adventure to try and experience new cupcakes I insisted suggested that we check out a new establishment…so he found Sweet Embellishments Dessert Bar in Long Beach, CA.

Thanks Brian for a great recommendation!

Two things in particular that I liked about Sweet Embellishments are that…

– The prices were incredibly reasonable (as in this is the cheapest cupcake I’ve had to date!)

– It was kind of like a dessert buffet so you could mix and match your desserts (cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes) to create sets to bring home.

We had a lot of fun filling out the little order forms to create the set that matched our taste preferences (reminded me of Slater’s 50/50 Burgers by Design)

And we were able to enjoy some fun treats!


  • audiesalchemy

    Hey Julie! There is a cupcake place on Lakewood off of South, in the back corner behind Wendy’s. I have never been and I am not even sure what it is called, but I though I would let you know. My sister said that there is a sign in the window, something about the Food Network; so I am assuming it is good.

    Also, I am quite partial to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in at the circle in Orange. They were my first “oh my gosh I love me some cupcakes” cupcakery! And I just adore Old Towne Orange. Getting a coffee and meandering around all the antique shops, the perfect day.

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