Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week Three

A few weeks into this Thankfulness Challenge and I’m really excited that it’s becoming more of a habit to focus on what I’m thankful for each day instead of making a list of things that aren’t going my way.

Day Fifteen (10/21/2013)

Day 15Today I’m thankful for @carlsonwhitney and @tiffanystaples for pushing me out of my fitness comfort zone!

Day Sixteen (10/22/2013)

Day 16Thankful beyond words to be able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Thirty-One and have the privilege of helping others grow their business!

Day Seventeen (10/23/2013)

Day 17This guy’s in town

Day Eighteen (10/24/2013)

Day 18Pumpkin patch with the love bug

Day Nineteen (10/25/2013)

Day 19My brother is willing to wear a pot on his head to be my tin man! #mybrotheristhebest

Day Twenty (10/26/2013)

Day 20Thankful to be a part of #BiolaWeekend2013

Day Twenty-One (10/27/2013)

Day 21A relaxing Sunday afternoon spent bowling

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To see previous weeks, click on the Give Thanks link below.

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