Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week Two

Week two of thankfulness and even if my life doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would at this point, I am realizing that I have so much to be thankful for in my life!

Day Eight (10/14/2013)

Day 8Working from home

Day Nine (10/15/2013)

Day 9A job that I absolutely love!

Day Ten (10/16/2013)

Day 10Living down the street from the beach

Day Eleven (10/17/2013)

Day 11A quiet, relaxing place to work…this is way better than a cubicle!

Day Twelve (10/18/2013)

Day 12Family that supports my business

Day Thirteen (10/19/2013)

Day 13Weekend with my mama

Day Fourteen (10/20/2013)

Day 14Getting to serve with this awesome group!

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