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Travel Icebreakers

A few months ago I came across these travel related icebreaker questions (I can’t for the life of me remember where, so if you know please let me know so I can give them proper credit!) and thought it would be fun to share my answer to these questions! And I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!

Girl on the Move's Travel Icebreakers

What is your favorite seat on the airplane?

Hear me out before you judge me for my answer but I will definitely say first class! My brother is an airplane mechanic and so I used to have fabulous flight benefits…including first class upgrades for $20!

What is your favorite photo on, of, or from a plane?

Remember how I said my brother is an airplane mechanic? Well on one of my trips to Charlotte he took me on a behind the scenes tour of the airport and I loved getting to see all of the planes up close! I’m a rather inquisitive person so I really enjoyed getting to discover all the ins and outs of how airports work….there is so much you can’t see from the terminal!

(Photo Disclaimer: This picture was taken before I had any clue about how to take a decent pic lol)

Girl on the Move's travel icebreakers

What is your favorite snack and drink onboard?

I very rarely get drinks and snacks onboard, but instead bring my own…ensures I’ll get to eat/drink exactly what I want!

What is your favorite way to pack your bag? Roll vs fold?

I am a roller…all day, every day! I actually have a very precise way of packing that includes rolling clothes into outfit combinations and then each set gets packed in its own pouch. Makes it way easier to get dressed when I’m traveling. Also, I like all of my luggage/packing gear to match!

Travel icebreakers from Girl on the Move

What is your favorite activity onboard?

Catching up on reading! My “To-Read” list on Goodreads is reeeeallly long so flying is the perfect time to catch up…especially because most of the time I don’t buy onboard wi-fi so I can have uninterrupted time.

What is your favorite weekend trip?

You’d be amazed what trips you can squeeze into a weekend…my furthest was 6,000 miles for a long weekend trip (Thurs-Mon). So my favorite weekend trip is… just going away for the weekend! Anywhere!

What is your favorite layover airport?

Charlotte, North Carolina. Remember back in question 1 and 2 when I said my brother was an airplane mechanic? He’s based in Charlotte so I love having layovers there so I can visit him…oh, and there are rocking chairs!

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What is your favorite season to travel?

I think different places are best in different seasons but overall my favorite season is Fall!

Who is your favorite travel buddy/companion?

I am absolutely comfortable traveling solo, but I also love traveling with my family…and have done quite a bit of that!

What is your favorite event to travel a long distance for?

Hands down my favorite event to travel a long distance, or any distance, for is weddings! I’ve been to Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan…and Haiti! My sister and brother-in-law got married in Haiti so that is probably my favorite travel wedding!

Travel Icebreakers from Girl on the Move

What about you?!? How would you answer these travel related icebreakers?


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