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Cupcake Adventures – Twenty-Five Main

Some of the cupcake shops I visit I find completely on a whim, others I find when I am planning a trip, and others are recommended to me over and over again.  Twenty-Five Main Cafe & Cake Parlor is the latter.  I’ve had quite a few people recommend Twenty-Five Main to me so I figured if I was going to be passing through St. George I should stop in…turns out I now understand why so many people recommended this place! TwentyFive Main | Girl on the Move

In no particular order, here are five things I loved about Twenty-Five Main…

1. They have a full cafe which serves breakfast and I’ll never tell you that you can’t have a cupcake with breakfast…I say you only live once so go for it!

2. They offer a regular menu of cupcakes plus daily and monthly specials…meaning you can go in there any day of the week and you’ll find some yummy cupcakes waiting for you!

3. They do the basics right.  Sometimes people get so focused on making cupcakes as creative as possible that they forget to make them really well.  One of the cupcakes I tried was a Vanilla Creme and let me tell you…it was amazing!

4. They hit the cupcake trifecta…moist, frosting’s not too sweet, and a perfect cake to frosting ratio!

5. They feature a Cinnamon Roll cupcake some days…that’s just pure genius!

If you are ever passing through St. George, Utah, I’d highly recommend stopping in 25 Main!

If you could design a cupcake, what flavor would you want to create?



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